Amy K.

What the Zoom

Over the summer, I took a Zoom training. At the same time, I was using Zoom. So it was a good experience. I'm still learning how features work, but I'm up and running and my students are in.

I've been wanting to start a YouTube channel to document Audric and me, but was too shy. Can't say that anymore. I haven't started a YouTube channel yet though.

Now that I know the basics of Zoom, I spend time trying to figure out where those Benchmark assessments live. I realized only when another teacher shared her screen, that I needed to download the Eureka Navigator course. It wasn't in my Canvas.

The last piece for now is to get Kami up and running. I shared my screen with another teacher, and she said I was doing everything right, so it should work. But my parents still need "permission" to open documents I upload, and if they manage to open a document, they can't edit.

I need to ask someone who's more familiar with Kami to help.


Virtual Learning

I've moved my desk three times since this picture was taken. That's the only way I know if it'll actually work in a space.

My name's Amy and this is Audric. I'm a dual certified general education and special education teacher. This year I'm teaching third grade. There's a steep learning curve to learn the technology. So while my brain is on overdrive, I'm not alone. And that makes me feel better. The pressure to make it all work has unrealistic expectations at times. Needless to say, I take those mindful moments during morning announcements seriously.

Audric is 15. He's non-verbal. When he wants attention, needs help, or defaults to his cupping clapping method, I get stressed and overwhelmed. I coordinate my classroom breaks during his sign in times, so I can at least get him on Zoom. The bluetooth headphones don't connect with his Chromebook. Bummer.

This is just the beginning of the school year. I want to share our adventure for anyone who needs to know, you're not alone. Hope it brings you joy, laughter, and happy tears in knowing we're in this together!